Disney Lorcana The First Chapter Booster EN



1 Display Selado = 24 Booster

1 Case Selado (4 Displays) = 96 Boosters

IMPORTANTE: É possivel que possa haver alocações nos pedidos já que as quantidades do Set 1 e 2 que vamos receber são muitos Limitadas.

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Meet Lorcana, the Trading Card Game sensation from Disney. Collect and play with beautifully illustrated Disney characters like Mickey Mouse, Elsa from Frozen and Simba from The Lion King!
In Disney Lorcana you play as Illumineer, a hero with a fantastic imagination. Equipped with magic brush and magic book, you can bring different colors of ink to life in the image of classic Disney characters and magic spells! Make your dreams come true with Disney Lorcana; a collectible card game for young and old.

Booster packs contain twelve random cards from Disney Lorcana: The First Chapter. Use booster packs to build and customize your deck with abilities and characters beyond those found in starter decks.

Each booster box contains twenty-four booster packs

6 common cards
3 uncommon cards
2 rare, super rare, or legendary cards
1 foil card (random rarity level)