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  • 32,50 €

    This multipart plastic kit contains the components necessary to assemble Éowyn and Merry, both on foot and mounted on horseback. When mounted, you have the option to remove Merry, leaving just Éowyn. On foot, Éowyn carries a sword and shield, but also bears a throwing spear when mounted. Merry is clothed in the uniform of a Squire of Rohan and also bears...

    32,50 €
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  • 9,00 €

    The painting handle holds 25mm, 28mm, 32mm and 40mm bases.

    9,00 €
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    Prepare to enter the amazing world of Middle-earth, and recreate the greatest battles and adventures from The Lord of the Rings™ and The Hobbit™. In this box set, you’ll find all the miniatures (no less than 84!) and rules you and an opponent will need to defend the city of Minas Tirith – or take command of the forces of Evil and wage destruction and war...

    108,00 € 120,00 € -10%
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Mostrando 1 - 3 de 3 itens