TRX-4 ALL-TERRAIN TRAXX Complete Set (4)



New all-terrain Traxx provides the most significant traction upgrade you can make to the TRX-4!

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The TRX-4 already has a go-anywhere attitude and the gear to match, but installing a set of Traxx yields a machine that feels practically unstoppable on virtually any terrain. The enormous contact patch and grippy treads shrug off the deepest mud and float across deep sand. Traxx raises the portal axles even higher (over 16mm!) for increased ground clearance that lets you straddle huge obstacles on the trail.
Each Traxx drive unit is engineered for rugged, yet smooth performance. An adjustable tension wheel keeps the treads tight while suspended road wheels allow the tread to conform to surface irregularities for maximum traction. Oil-filled dampers on each drive unit control rotational movements to help keep the tread glued to the surface. The rear Traxx drive units are longer to allow climbing steeper grades with authority.