PKM Sword & Shield 7 Evolving Skies Booster



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Brace yourselves! A storm is brewing, bringing back the mighty and powerful Dragon Pokemon in a new design!
The epic dragons Rayquaza, Duraludon, and Dragonite rise into the vast skies and appear in their massive Gigadynamax form. With their powers, they can create storms and darken the sky.
While the mighty Dragon Pokemon fight their battle in the air, a beautiful rainbow appears on the ground below. The Pokemon Eevee adds accents of color, making the world bright and colorful in its various evolutions.

Evolving Skies is an edition that takes the Pokemon game to a new level! You can expect a variety of popular Pokemon.

Many different cards are released in the edition. More than 200 cards are waiting for you, divided into 18 powerful V-Pokemon and 15 VMAX Pokemon (Gigadynamax Form). Furthermore, 24 Trainer cards and 1 brand new Special Energy card will be released. More "Rapid" and "Single" Strike Cards will also be released!