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The Colonels Monograph



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A Warhammer Horror novella

A rare book collection causes terror to former archivist Teresina Sullo when she goes in search of a missing monograph. Her quest takes her into mystery as an ancient evil unfolds around her…

Prepare for chills as Graham McNeill turns his talents towards terror in a story of the dangers to be found in grief, ancient manors and old books.

When invited to catalogue the antiquarian book collection of the late Colonel Grayloc – a celebrated hero of the Imperium – former archivist Teresina Sullo is swift to accept. Grieving for her dead husband, she sees an opportunity for distraction and respite from her lonely days as a widow. But something forbidding lurks in the mist-shrouded marshes of Vansen Falls, casting a shadow over Grayloc Manor and veiling the land with ill intent. A missing piece of the colonel’s collection holds the answer to this darkness: a monograph rumoured to contain a detailed account of the infamous ‘Dawn of the Dark Suns’. Obsessed with seeking out this singular tome, Teresina delves deeper and deeper into the mystery at the heart of manor, little realising the true evil which resides there...

Written by Graham McNeill

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The Colonels Monograph

The Colonels Monograph

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