Legend of the Five Rings LCG: Spreading Shadows


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There is a darkness spreading through Rokugan. War is on the tip of everyone’s tongue and chaos has come to the Imperial Capital. Meanwhile, the Crab Clan fights valiantly to defend the Emerald Empire from the shadows spreading in the south. With Rokugan as unstable as ever, can the samurai of Rokugan stop the spreading darkness?

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Amidst the chaos surrounding them, the Scorpion are thriving, always one step ahead of their foes. Nothing emphasizes this more than Seven Stings Keep (Spreading Shadows, 25), a Stronghold that completely flips conflicts, forcing your opponent to select defenders before they know which Scorpion samurai will be waiting for them or even where the conflict will be taking place. There is a big difference between a force led by  Bayushi Aramoro (Underhand of the Emperor, 8) and one led by an  Adept of Shadows (Core Set, 180), and your opponent may not know what awaits until it’s too late. Of course, in this scenario you know exactly who to commit based on your opponent’s defenders, and can respond appropriately. This is a devastating ability, and though it can essentially only be used in one conflict a turn, it can change the tide of battle in favor of the Scorpion.