Huntik Legendary Saga Booster [UPD211332]

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Legendary Saga, the first expansion set of the Huntik Trading Card Game, includes the most epic monsters from the Huntik cartoon series: the Legendary Titans!

Collect all 4 of these Legendary Titan cards to up your game with the most powerful Heroes. Invoke these mighty Titans into play with their Amulet cards just like Lok does in the cartoon series! Collect all 105 cards in the set to create the most adventure in your Huntik missions.

Based on the action-packed animated TV series, the Huntik Trading Card Game features your favourite Seekers, mighty Titans, amazing powers and incredible missions right from the episodes! In the game, you assign special missions for your Seekers to complete, such as finding lost Mayan statues or a cursed samurai sword. Complete enough missions and you win!

The choice is yours - help the Huntik Foundation keep dangerous treasures out of the hand of evil, or join the Organization to take control of the world!

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